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We’re glad you stopped by. We are a social impact consulting and empowerment company. A what you say? Let us explain.

We help people—who coincidentally look a lot like you—to be the change they want to see in their communities. You know—the wavemakers, the boat rockers, the drum beaters. As you can tell, we're especially fond of wavemakers. We also help organizations to combine their collective super powers for amazing results.



You're the kind of person who yearns to feed that nagging Why Not? that followed you home.


Or maybe

You run a nonprofit, a small business, or even an entire city. Can you imagine a process that would let you connect everyone’s best interests into a single vision? We can. Let’s talk.


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Want to do something right now? You're awesome! Go directly to The Wavemaker Institute for Unruly Do-Gooders where you will find your tribe.

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