we have a massively transformative purpose (MTP)




Our MTP is World Joy. We achieve this purpose by educating and empowering wavemakers. We believe that joy is a state of uncontrollable happiness that occurs when people are  fully engaged in using their unique abilities to make other people feel loved, connected, and appreciated. We intend to tip the world towards joy through the hydropower of one billion wavemakers.

World Joy means that every day is awesome--in the sense that it is amazing--even though you may not personally like everything that happens to you during that day.

Why World Joy? Don’t we mean world peace? No. Peace sometimes just means the absence of conflict. Joy is never just the absence of sadness. Joy is the ultimate evidence that everything is going to be OK.

Joy to the World!

What's in a name?


Questia implies a quest, an arduous search for something or the act of seeking, as well as questioning, which is at the root of discovery. The “tia” suggests multiple quests/questions. A corps is a group of people acting together. Therefore, the Questia Corps is a group of change agents working together to help others find the answers to their challenges through a journey of careful inquiry