Recursive Manifesto

Yesterday, I stopped creating excuses. I already owned a lifetime supply. Today—somehow—I used every one. Tomorrow, I might need to make some more—again.

Yesterday, I stopped wishing I was somewhere else. I’d been there, done that. Today, I got lost in my thoughts. Tomorrow, I might have to ask for directions—again.

Yesterday, I stopped making assumptions I’d shared too many donkeys. Today, I peeked at the last page. Tomorrow, I might pretend to act surprised—again.

Yesterday, I stopped wasting time. I had too many wounds to heal. Today, I watched it take flight—and it was fun. Tomorrow, I might try recycling—again.

Yesterday, I stopped believing in déjà vu. I’d seen it too many times before. Today, it came begging for my forgiveness. Tomorrow, I might give it another chance—again.

I am in love with Tomorrow.