Hidden Manifesto

I’ve hidden myself in a manifesto just to see who might find me. Will this person be my equal or more? Should I fear her or love him? Will discovery bring closure or question? I intend to let the show begin.

The first to seek my manifesto decide that I hide in my mind. They read my thoughts like novels and become their favorite characters. Yet they are no closer to finding me.

The next to search conclude that such a manifesto must reside within my heart. They listen to the beat and tango with my emotions. Yet they are no closer to finding me.

The final hunters have been patient. They map a journey to my soul and wait for the unchartered waters to part in hopes I will emerge from my manifesto like a covenant. Yet, even they are no closer to finding me.

Have you given up? Okay, here is a clue: I’ve stashed my manifesto somewhere in the moment and camouflaged myself beneath some clever rhyme.

Will you be the one to find me?